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   Billy Goat Industries, based in Kansas City, is a leading manufacturer of specialized gardening machines that are distinguished by quality, innovation and professionalism. In 1967, the company began operating under the Clipper Manufacturing brand. Only two years later, in 1969, the company became independent and took over the name Billy Goat Industries, being the leader on the American market in the production of gardening machines. In 2015, Briggs & Stratton Corporation purchased shares in Billy Goat, becoming its owner. The company offers a full line of products for commercial, municipal and household companies. We invite you to view our product offer that is on our website and to start cooperation. We also offer a professional service that comprehensively performs all repairs of garden equipment .



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Billy Goat's philosophy

The basic values ​​on which we base the construction of our equipment .



We combine the continuous development of the company with the search for new solutions and exceeding the expectations of our customers.


Maximum efficiency while minimizing the energy, effort and time needed to perform the activities. 


The selection of appropriate partners and care for the highest quality of products have become a recognizable sign of our company.


Billy Goat's Values

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Billy Goat has adopted the following corporate philosophies in the pursuit of continuous customer satisfaction and the highest quality gardening equipment supply and comprehensive service, parts and customer service: The philosophy of Billy Goat is to provide customers with the highest quality services, which guarantees the stability and high position of the company on the market.



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